News vom 04.04.2021

Studie ist bereits abgeschlossen

Kailey Roche, Doktorandin der Carleton University sucht aktuell nach pädo- und hebephilen Menschen, die eine Umfrage zur ihrer Nutzung von Online-Supportforen -Chats beantworten möchten. Die englischsprachige Umfrage kann anonym online (auch mit dem TOR-Browser) unter folgendem Link beantwortet werden [Studie ist bereits abgeschlossen].

Unten findet ihr den Aufruf zur Studie im Original.

Hello. We are a team of researchers looking for Minor Attracted Persons (MAPs) with a sexual attraction to pre-pubescent and/or pubescent children to take part in a study on the use of online forums and online social support.

As a participant, you would be asked to complete an anonymous online survey (hosted by that asks about your use of online forums specific to those with sexual attraction to children, and the impact of these forums on your wellbeing. You will NOT be asked about past or present sexual behaviour.

You are eligible to participate if you are 18 years or older and if you identify as an MAP who is sexually attracted to pre-pubescent and/or pubescent children.

Participation is voluntary and would take approximately 30 minutes to complete.

Interested in participating? Please visit [Studie ist bereits abgeschlossen]

Dr. Michael Seto
Director, Forensic Research Unit
The Royal's Institute of Mental Health Research

Kailey Roche, PhD Student
Department of Psychology
Carleton University

This study has been reviewed by The Royal's Research Ethics Board (#2021-001)